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Singapore relies on four sources of water, commonly referred to as the Four National Taps of Singapore. They are local catchment water, desalinated water, NEWater and imported water from Malaysia (Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources , 2012). Waterworks filter, chemically treat and disinfect our water, making them safe for consumption. Our drinking water is well within the World Health Organisation's standards, hence it is potable without the need for further treatment (Public Utilities Board, 2011). 

            Our research project is the testing of water quality. We are collecting and experimenting on water from Sungei Ulu Pandan River. From 3 testing locations, we would sample and find out the water quality of it by using the Water Quality Index. Our hypothesis is to find out the water quality index and whether or not these areas have signs of pollution. After finding our results, we would see whether it is feasible to purify water from the sites. Using chemical methods, we would be able to find the readings for these 9 parameters: Temperature, pH Values, Turbidity, Total Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Phosphates, Nitrate and Fecal Coliform. They respectively have different weightings that affect the overall quality. 

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